What is the difference between Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) and The Coca-Cola Company?

CCI produces, sells and distributes products of The Coca-Cola Company in Turkey, Pakistan, Central Asia and the Middle East. The Coca-Cola Company develops products and produces the advertising and programs to support those products and sells syrup concentrate to CCI. As a bottler of The Coca-Cola Company, CCI combines the concentrate with other ingredients to produce and package beverages. CCI then uses its sales and delivery forces to sell and distribute products to retail customers and distributors.

Which brands does CCI produce?

CCI produces Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light, Fanta and Sprite in all operating countries. Besides these brands, we have a wide range of beverages in different countries. Our product portfolio is displayed under country pages in our website.

Where can I obtain more information about Coca-Cola marketing, advertising or products?

Due to the fact that The Coca-Cola company develops products and produces the advertising and marketing campaigns to support these products, the best source to obtain information would be The Coca-Cola Company’s web site in Turkey (www.coca-colaturkiye.com.tr) or its consumer information line, whose number is printed on every product of The Coca-Cola Company in Turkey, which is 0 800 261 19 20.

Where can I get information about your beverages?

For questions about products of The Coca-Cola Company in Turkey you can visit our website or contact our consumer information line at 0 800 261 19 20.

What is a unit case?

A unit case is a conventional unit of sales volume in the U.S. soft drink industry and equivalent to 24 servings (about 5,678 liters).

How many production facilities does CCI have and where are they located?

In Turkey CCI has 8 plants located in Ankara, Bursa, Çorlu, Mersin, Köyceğiz, İzmir, Sapanca and Elazığ. Including 12 production facilities in International Operations, we operate 20 facilities in 10 countries.

What is the production capacity of CCI per year?

CCI’s production capacity in 2009 was approximately 980 million unit cases.

Whom should I contact if I have a question about your products?

Please contact our consumer information line at (0 800 261 19 20) for all your questions regarding the products of The Coca-Cola Company.

Where can I see the operating geography of CCI?

Please visit our corporate website for our operating geography.

How is the shareholding structure of CCI?

Anadolu Efes owns %50.3, The Coca-Cola Company owns %20.1, Özgörkey Group owns %4.0 of CCI shares. %25.6 of CCI shares is publicly traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange..

What are your Corporate Social Responsibility activities and strategy?

You can have detailed information from our website and our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Where can I apply for a sponsorship?

You can send an e-mail to corporate.affairs@cci.com.tr for sponsorship applications.

Whom should I contact about your traded shares in the stockmarket?

You can contact our Investor Relations department (cci-ir@cci.com.tr) about CCI shares.


How do I buy shares of CCI?


Our publicly traded shares can be bought through a brokerage company.

Whom should I contact about your ADR’s?


Please call Citibank GDR Shareholder Services (1-800-308-7887 ) for detailed information.

Do you own Doğadan brand?

Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım A.Ş., a %100 subsidiary of Coca-Cola İçecek, holds sales and distribution rights of Doğadan branded products as of September 2008.

How can I be informed about your company?

You can check our website for recent news from our company. For news from Investor Relations, you can join our e-mail list by completing the form under Investor Relations main page.

How can I apply for a dealership?

Please call our headquarters and ask for the contact details of the Area Sales Manager responsible for the region where you want to apply for a dealership.

How do I make inquiries about employment with CCI?

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company. Please look under the headings “Human Resources / Join Our Team / Career Oppportunities” on our website.

What are CCI’s hiring policies?

CCI is an equal opportunity employer. CCI recruits, trains and promotes its employees in all job areas without any discrimination based on race, color, religion, ancestry, age and/or sex. At CCI, we are committed to a fair and equitable workplace in which everyone is a respected and valued member of the team. You can find detailed information in our corporate website.