Awards Received Over The Past 10 Years


CCI İzmir Plant won the “Best Performing Plant for the Environment Award”

CCI Turkey Operations won the “Best Country Bottling Operation Grand Prize” by the TCCC EAG President’s Environment Awards.


CCI Ankara Plant was awarded the EFQM’s (European Foundation for Quality Management) “Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future Prize”.

At TCCC EAG President’s Sustainability Awards, CCI Turkey Operations won the “Best Country Bottling Operation Grand Prize”. CCI Ankara Plant was recognized as the “Best Performing Plant for Quality” and CCI İzmir Plant was recognized as the “Best Performing Plant for the Environment”.


CCI received an “Ethics Award” from the Ethical Values Center Association.

CCI won three prizes in the TCCC EAG President’s Sustainability Awards: The Grand Prize for “Best Country Bottling Operation”, “Best Performing Plant for Quality”, and the “Best Performing Plant for the Environment”.


CCI was the first and only company from Turkey and TCCS to be included in the UNGC 100 Index.

CCI İzmir Plant was awarded in the “Water Management” category by Green Business Platform.

CCI received the 2nd highest score in the transparency category of “CDP Turkey Climate Leadership Awards”.

CCI was awarded the Grand Prize in the “ÇEVKO Green Dot Industry Awards”, which recognizes companies with environmentally sustainable practices.

CCI Ankara Plant was awarded the “Best Performing Plant for Quality” and CCI İzmir Plant the “Best Performing Plant for the Environment” at TCCC EAG President’s Sustainability Awards.

CCI Bursa and Mahmudiye Plants received “National Quality Excellence Awards”.


The “3.2.1. Move! Program” was awarded a “Bronze Stevie Award” in the 12th Annual International Business Awards.

CCI Turkey Operations received three awards including the Grand Prize of “Best Country Bottling Operation” of TCCC EAG President’s Sustainability Awards. CCI Turkey Operations also received the “Excellence Award” in the individual well-being category and İzmir Plant received the “Best Performing Plant for the Environment” award.

CCI Bursa Plant received the “EFQM Excellence Award in the Developing Organizational Capability” category.

CCI Mahmudiye Plant was awarded the “National Quality Excellence Grand Prize”.


CCI was listed among CDP Turkey Climate Change Leaders and received once again the “Climate Leadership Award”.

CCI was rewarded by “Pakistan Red Crescent” on the occasion of Presidential visit with a plate of appreciation for CCI’s cooperative approach during the times of crisis and natural disasters.


CCI Turkey Operations received “Recycling Award” from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for its efforts to recycle product packages to reach waste management targets for the FMCG sector in Turkey.

CCI received the grand prize in “Water Efficiency” category at the 4th Sustainable Business Awards in Turkey organized by the Sustainability Academy.

CCI Kyrgyzstan received “Kyrgyzstan’s Best Tax Payer Award” for its contribution to the economic growth of the Kyrgyz Republic and conscientious execution of tax legislation.

CCI Turkey Operations received an “International Safety Award” from British Safety Council.

CCI Mersin Plant received the 2nd prize in the Midsize Enterprises category with its “Tetra Lines Automatic Pallet Truck System Project” at the Efficiency Projects Competition organized by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.


CCI Plants Recognized for Energy and Water Efficiency by TCCC

Based on 2017 performance, Köyceğiz and Sapanca Plants were recognized for energy efficiency, while Elazığ Plant was recognized for water efficiency initiatives by TCCC Turkey, Caucasus & Central Asia Business Unit. Outstanding performance on energy efficiency and its alignment with Coca-Cola's global commitments on reducing the environmental footprint are highly appreciated in the system.

Silver Award for CCI’s 10th Sustainability Report by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP)

CCI’s 10th Sustainability Report won the Silver Award at “LACP Inspire Awards Competition”, organized by LACP. The Inspire Awards is considered as one of the most distinguished corporate publishing competitions. Our report scored 97 over 100 with its first impression, content, art design, and innovation along with its clarity in conveying the message.

CCI’s Dudullu HQ receives LEED Gold Certificate.

Within the scope of CCI’s efforts on energy management, CCI’s Headquarters (HQ) were deemed worthy to receive LEED Gold Certificate. In addition to the energy saving measures taken at the HQ, GHG emissions that amount to 1,400 tons CO2e released within two years were offset by the Gold Standard.

CCINext Won the GCCL Award

CCINext Red Box is and internally created tool for our Customer Development Program that we use as a means to provide value to our customers. With its traditional channel applications, CCINext Red Box module won the “Most Successful Retail Channel” award given by TCCC at the Global Customer & Commercial Leadership (GCCL) Awards.

CCI Turkey Operations’ "Yerim Salıyı" Project Received Three Awards

CCI Turkey operations’ "Yerim Salıyı" project received three awards from the Direct Marketing Communicators Association. A total of 326 projects in 27 categories were submitted . CCI’s project competed in three categories and marked a great success by winning the second prize in the Direct Mailing category and the first prize in Sales Point Interior Promotional Activities and Locally Focused Sales Point Interior Promotional Activities categories.

CCI Kazakhstan Awarded the Prestigious “PARYZ” State

CCI Kazakhstan became the recipient of Kazakhstan’s prestigious “PARYZ” award, the country’s highest state-bestowed honor. It is the only award handed out personally by Kazakhstan President to commercial enterprises. CCI Kazakhstan received this award in recognition of its overall contributions to the country’s sustainable development.

Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Economy Awarded CCI Kyrgyzstan

In September, the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Economy awarded CCI Kyrgyzstan a certificate of honor for its efforts in contributing to the country’s national economy.