In today’s world, climate change has a direct impact on environmental sustainability and the continuity of our business. When combined with the global concerns such as the increasing population, our environmental impact plays an even more vital role in our success in a responsible manner.

Our primary goal is to continuously seek ways to produce more by using less resources.

Our environmental approach includes an in-depth focus on three key areas: Energy Efficiency & Climate Protection, Water Stewardship and Sustainable Packaging & Waste.

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We consistently comply with local legal requirements, international standards and TCCC KORE requirements. All our plants in Turkey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan hold the ISO 14001 standard certificates. In Turkey specifically, all plants, sales operations and offices are certified according to ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 14064-1 GHG Standards.

CCI’s sustainability governance structure is organized to support and manage comprehensive key environmental concerns. The CCI Group Supply Chain Director has the ultimate responsibility for environmental management and is diligently monitoring our adherence to our sustainability goals. For further details, you may refer to “Corporate Governance” in the Sustainability Approach section of this report.

To improve our performance and create environmental awareness, we provided 6,529 human-hours of environmental training to our employees in Turkey, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan in 2018.

*Figures have received limited assurance from the independent auditing firm EY.
** Figure has been verified by BV.
*** Kazakhstan figure is Total EUR value. 

Goals and Commitments

Note: Fines of USD 200,000 are deemed significant by CCI.