CCİ 2014 Sürdürülebilirlik Raporu Yayınlandı

Son Haberler Nisan 07, 2015

CCI 2014 Sürdürülebilirlik Raporu Yayinlandi

Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI) released its 2014 Sustainability Report on October 1 2015 to provide stakeholders with information on the company’s social, environmental and ethical practices as well as performance results. The seventh release of CCI’s sustainability report contains performance results and practices of operations in Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, as well as major indicators and examples of best practices of Pakistan for the period 1 January to 31 December 2014.

This year, we have extended the scope of the report and started providing both qualitative and detailed quantitative data from our Pakistan operations. As in previous years’ reports, we have organized the contents of this year’s report according to our sustainability framework, focusing on three categories: “me”, “we”, and “world”. The framework and scope of the report were determined based on the results of a materiality study required by the GRI G4 standard. Within the scope of the report, data on total energy consumption, relevant per-liter energy consumption, total water consumption and relevant per-liter water consumption, Turkey and Pakistan operations in 2014, were verified by the independent audit company, EY, according to the ISAE 3000 Standard. This data covers all six plants in Pakistan and has been audited by EY. In the next year’s report we plan to include full data for our Pakistan operations. In addition to this audit, GHG emissions that occurred as a result of production, sales and distribution operations in Turkey in 2014 were audited by SGS and verified as a result of fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14064-1.

To improve our sustainability and reporting performance we formed an external report review committee. We received valuable feedback from committee members, and we implemented some of their suggestions directly in this year’s report; we will endeavor to implement the remainder in coming years. A copy of the committee’s feedback letter is also included in the report.

The report is available here. CCI stakeholders may convey their opinions, suggestions and comments by emailing

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