As a company operating in 10 countries with 920,000 sales points and serving 400,000 million consumers, CCI has a significant footprint across its communities. CCI creates a positive impact both directly and indirectly through investing a certain ratio of its annual pre-tax profit in local economies and communities.

CCI’s main goal is to be recognized as one of the most responsible corporate citizens by all stakeholders. To reach this objective, CCI helps build stronger communities, focusing primarily on women empowerment, youth development and water related initiatives. In so doing, CCI collaborates with local and international NGOs and encourages its employees to take active roles through volunteering.

Economic Impact

Our products are produced, sourced (where possible), distributed and sold locally. A bottle of Coca-Cola creates added value for multiple sectors during its journey from the production line to the consumer. Many industries, including agriculture, energy, production, transportation, distribution, retail, cooling, advertising, media and packaging have roles in the production of a single bottle of Coke. Our business stimulates job creation throughout the value chain. We contribute to the economic welfare of each community by employing local people, paying tax to governments, paying suppliers for goods, services and capital equipment, and supporting community investment programs.

Our operations enable 4.1 billion TL of added value in retail business and generate income for 160,000 farmers.

In addition, an independent economic impact study conducted in 2017 for CCI Pakistan and CCI Turkey Operations focused on calculating the output multiplier factor: How many units of output is generated for the country’s economy as a result of CCI’s injecting 1 unit of input.

The Economic Impact of Coca-Cola in Pakistan

  • An injection of Rs. 1 by CCI Pakistan yields almost Rs. 5 in the economy.
  • For every Rs. 1 tax paid by CCI Pakistan, almost Rs. 2 are generated for the government.

The Economic Impact of Coca-Cola in Turkey

  • Every 1 TL generated by the Coca-Cola System (TCCS) in Turkey yields 9.7 TL in the national economy.
  • 4.1 billion TL of added value in the retail business, and income generationfor 160,000 farmers.
  • TCCS enables direct and indirect employment impact for 30,000 people.

Community Investment

While expanding our business, we strive to assure value is created for each and every member of these communities. Our goal is to be recognized as a good corporate citizen by all stakeholders.

Consistent with our value creation model; our community investment focuses on three areas: volunteerism, youth & women empowerment and water.

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Women Empowerment To train at least 2,000 women and provide 10 applicants with grants in Belestery Program will cover 3 regions in Kazakhstan. We trained 2,000 women and allocated grant to 10 projects. Achieved
  • To train 500 women on business development, effective communication and presentation skills within UN WEP in Azerbaijan.
Youth Empowerment To reach 140,000 students in 18 cities in 150 schools for them to develop an active lifestyle Within Grassroots Football Tournament Program; we reached 160,000 children in 6,100 schools in Kazakhstan and 180,000 children in 1,700 schools in Azerbaijan. Achieved
  • Within Olympic Moves program; to reach out additional 75,000 youngsters in Azerbaijan to develop more active communities.
To include 60 youngsters, aged between 18 and 29, in the social entrepreneurship program and train the best 10 participants in Kazakhstan. We received 80 applications from all over Kazakhstan and the best 10 participants are deemed worthy to participate trainings. Achieved
  • To include 100 youngsters, aged between 18 and 29, in the social entrepreneurship program and train the best 10 participants.
Water To provide clean drinking water to additional 50,000 people and bring the total number of people reached to 900,000. Clean drinking water provided to additional 50,000 people and the total number of people benefited has reached to 900,000. Achieved
  • To establish additional 4 filtration plants and provide clean drinking water to additional 50,000 people and bring the total number of people reached to 950,000.