In line with our vision, we aim to build a company that creates value and delivers sustainable long-term growth as a preferred partner for our customers. To deliver these value, we put in practice the best-in-class commercial strategies and solutions to create the perfect shopper experience every time they visit our sales points. Our key motivation is “winning with the customer” whilst delivering joint initiatives and superior execution.

Across our operating geography, we have almost 400 million consumers and we work with approximately 920,000 sales points, including supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, and other retail outlets. We deliver products from 26 plants ensuring the highest quality products to our customers. We keep on investing in coolers to ensure our consumers access cold products.

Superior Execution

To provide the best experience for our business partners; customers and distributors and win with the customer, we are investing in developing our people and technologies we use.

Customer Satisfaction

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Customer Satisfaction We aim to conduct the study for Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Jordan. We conducted customer satisfaction studies in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Total of 2,739 customers have been interviewed. Partially
  • To conduct the studies in Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Iraq

It is crucial to understand the key drivers of satisfaction of our customers to “Win with the customer”. Understanding the dynamics and taking necessary steps for a stronger and sustainable relationship, we are conducting Customer Satisfaction Studies in all of our operating geography. These studies enable us to focus on the gap between our customers' expectations and our current service levels. We have been conducting customer satisfaction surveys in Turkey since 2005 and in other operations since 2012. The customer satisfaction scores increased significantly compared to the last year. This was the result of our actions to increase in the timely product order delivery as well as relationship health tracking: a measure of customer relationship management.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey (Turkey) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Customer Satisfaction Score 61 68 64 60 54 63

CCI Customer Interaction Center

CCI Customer Interaction Center’s mission is to understand and satisfy customers' and distributors’ requirements across CCI geography and exceed their expectations with the best service methods.

  • We satisfy the customers, distributors and create new customer opportunities through various and flexible work flows that we develop.
  • We conduct issue-based customer satisfactions surveys and take proactive actions.
  • We call back most of our incoming callers about their service requests to ensure their satisfaction with the solution provided.
  • We analyze all our calls instantly and make issue-based reporting.
  • We monitor our service and quality level daily and take actions when necessary.

In 2018, we received 340,000 service requests for different issues regarding customers (both existing and new), distributors, fleet and finance, with a 24% increase compared to the last year. Moreover, our Customer Interaction Center performed 125,000 outbound calls to check the satisfaction with service levels.

Customer Trainings

In Turkey, 14 customer development training sessions for 250 participants were organized.

Joint Business Plan Meetings

In Turkey, to increase customer collaboration, Modern Channel Joint Business Plan (JBP) meetings are held every year with a joint agenda that constitutes top local and nationalaccounts’ priorities and annual marketing plans. Every year, cross-functional teams from both the customer and CCI get together to ensure co-marketing and the alignment of operational plans of both parties.

Customer Focus Groups

As a reflection of the emphasis we place on our customers; we occasionally organize Customer Focus Groups for the benefit of our Local Key Accounts (LKA). The main purpose is to create value for our LKA by helping them better internalize their own identity, capability and value.

Distributor Satisfaction

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Distributor Trainings To continue providing trainings to our distributors. We provided 73 training sessions with 759 participants to our distributors in Turkey. Achieved
  • To continue providing trainings to our distributors.

Every year, we conduct Distributor Satisfaction Surveys via a third-party service provider to evaluate the satisfaction level of our distributors. As an measure of our company reputation, surveys inform us of our strengths and weaknesses about our partnerships with our distributors and our ability to manage the distributor network. CCI Turkey’s 2018 survey score was up by five points from its 2017 score, reaching 91%.

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Distributor Satisfaction Survey (Turkey) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Distributor Satisfaction Score 84.0 84.9 84.5 84.3 86.0 91

Distributor Supervisor and Pre-Seller Training

In order to accompany the sustainable development of our distributors in Turkey, we support their sales capability developments. To this end, we provided the supervisors and presellers of our distributors in Turkey around 70 training sessions on various sales and professional development topics with approximately 750 participants.

Distributor Pre-Seller Online Training

In addition to the above-mentioned trainings, an online training system was launched for our sales representatives. This is intended to enable the new-comers to understand the business processes better, to get to know TCCS and CCI better and a better understanding of their responsibilities. The online training includes modules such as “Basics of Coca-Cola system”, “A day of a preseller”, “Merchandising and RED”, “Trade Math” and “Dealing with Complaints”.

A total of 178 distributors from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan participated in Distributor Pre-Seller Online Training in 2018. 504 pre-sellers were assigned training.

Distributor In-Class Training

In-class trainings are provided to our distributors so as to equip them with in-depth knowledge through high interaction. Across all CCI countries; 404 training sessions were held and 7,210 attendees were trained in 2018.

Right Execution Daily (RED) Practices

The Right Execution Daily (RED) system helps us offer products to our customers and consumers in the optimal way. We switched to a one level higher monitoring in our RED project in Turkey by introducing image recognition technology in 2016. This new technology enebales us to cover all of our traditional sales points. It allows our sales teams to follow their own customers’ merchandising standards and practices through photography. Following Turkey’s successful implementation in 2016, we started to use this technology in Iraq in 2017 and in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan during 2018. The image recognition technology will be further rolled out to the on-premise channel in Turkey as well as Jordan and Tajikistan operations in 2019.

Route to Market (RTM)

We aim to offer a sustainable Route to Market (RTM) model for delivering superior customer service through perfect commercial execution. CCI Turkey’s indirect RTM model serves the “Best in Class Customer Service”.

CCI constantly checks and improves customer satisfaction levels by supervising each distributor and investing in their operational capabilities. All these efforts enable an effective, efficient and sustainable RTM model. Among our RTM sustainability actions are optimizing the number of vehicle movements per day, the daily mileage and the time spent in the field.

In line with our vision to be the best FMCG company, we track all potential customers every two to three years via our Every Outlet Survey (EOS).

“One Number Score” is our monthly commercial KPI that helps us track our ‘Customer Successful Visit’ performance.