Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace differences and consider them significant for the synergy created in our workplace and for our sustainable growth. As a result, we aim at an inclusive culture where all employees feel confident in speaking their mind, sharing their opinions.

Since 2015, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from various branches of our organization, is led by our Human Resources Department . Meeting every six months, the Committee’s main objective is to advise senior leaders on how to achieve the diversity and inclusion goals and to pioneer in creating an inclusive culture throughout our organization.

CCI Women’s Clubs are platforms for women employees to interact and organize various activities focusing on networking, capability development, leadership skills and empowerment in the workplace and in the community. The Women’s Club is an example of CCI’s commitment to women to facilitate new job opportunities, increase capacities, create network and inspire the next generation women leaders. As of 2018, with the establishment of Women’s Clubs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, all CCI countries are now part of the CCI Women Network.

CCI’s equal-opportunity employment pledge is now being published in all extramural recruitment ads and principles such as posting gender-neutral vacancy announcements were also adopted.

Our Performance in 2018

To enable CCI women to further unleash their leadership potential, a “Women in Leadership” program has also been developed. It is planned to be launched in 2019.

“Leaders in the Field” is a series of meetings aimed at increasing intergenerational dialogue. This program continued in 2018 with the participation of CCI’s CEO, CFO, and General Counsel in sessions that were attended by more than 500 employees, and were held in all operating countries.

One of the most important diversity and inclusiveness initiatives undertaken at CCI in 2018 was the U30 Strategy Camp. The idea behind this program is to invite young CCI employees at the age of thirty or below to take part in a three-day camp during which they worked with CCI’s CEO in formulating CCI’s future strategies. This was the first initiative of this kind at CCI and more than 500 applications were received. The participants’ involvement in shaping the future strategy goes beyond the camp and they collectively work to produce the execution plans for the ideas generated during the camp.

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Diversity and Inclusion(D&I) To define our D&I constitution. Our D&I constitution defined Achieved
  • Launch the Program
Launch Women in Leadership Program for CCI. Launch was postponed to 2019 to expand the participation to ourour CEO Delayed
Design pilot project to build external talent pipeline to increase women hiring in Supply Chain (plant) & Commercial (field) functions. Design and content completed. Achieved
  • Continue efforts to broaden the external talent pipeline to increase women hiring in Supply Chain and Commercial functions.
To review diversity friendly policies and implement in selected countries as a pilot. D&I recruitment principles launched Achieved
  • D&I awareness campaign
  • Education series on “Inclusion”
  • D&I task force
To start cultural D&I programs Cultural D&I programs are planned and ready to launch Achieved
  • Establish Diversity Cafe concept