We see ourselves as one, diverse, engaged and inclusive team and consider it our Human Capital. With this in mind, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our employees with a workplace that is productive, happy and safe.

Detailed data on our employee demographics are provided in the Performance Indicators section of the report.

Talent Management

CCI Talent management strategy ensures that it has “objectively identified and diversified talents” to contribute when achieving business results. In order to support the employees and the managers involved and to ensure that the process is standardized throughout CCI, we make use of CCI Talent Management Principles, which are communicated to all employees, via the company’s intranet.

Our talent management approach, accompanied by our Performance Management System, ensures that we remain well-equipped and maintain equality and transparency. The CCI Performance Management Process facilitates smart goals that are aligned with CCI’s vision and secures that our organization delivers successful results by improving the skills and performance of the teams and the individuals. At CCI, performance assessment processes are implemented for all employees regardless of the position or seniority.

“My Career Platform” provides end-to-end information and is a one-stop solution to a career at CCI. This platform helps CCI employees identify their career goals, establish a plan for pursuing them and take personal responsibility for achieving those goals.

“CCI Career Navigation Framework” , a structured tool created to support employees and managers in career planning and development, is a resource for thinking through “Critical Experiences” and “Opportunities” that an employee should pursue in lieu of their career aspirations. This framework covers all senior management roles, as well as all country -and region- based critical roles and serves as an essential career compass for employees by indicating what roles lead to what positions and for what position an employee’s former role qualifies.

We strengthen employee experience by integrating human resources processes into our SuccessFactors technology platform and by supporting it with mobile and interactive applications.

In 2019, we will be

  • piloting a new Performance System model based on continuous objective settings and feedback.
  • revisiting our Talent Development Forum process by focusing on different talent dimensions and an integrated and an objective Future Leader and succession planning for a healthy and sustainable CCI.

Our Performance in 2018

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Talent Management To raise the Talent Readiness Index (TRI) from 46% to 55%. Talent Readiness Index (TRI) has risen from 46% to 53%.

*In order to have a more realistic picture of the succession pipeline, the methodology for TRI calculation has changed in 2018.
Partially achieved
  • To raise the Talent Readiness Index (TRI) from 53% to 60% at least.
  • 2019 Talent Development Forum (TDF) planned.
To actualize E-TM Project; managing the TDF process with an automated online system.

To create Individual Development Plans (IDP) for critical position holders and successors.
E-TM project is actualized.

IDP’s are prepared for critical position holders and successors.
  • To have a more integrated Talent Management process with Performance Management, Leadership Development and International Assignments.
  • To renew the process which enables to focus on different talent dimensions, and a single Future Leader understanding.
  • Focus on tailor made IDP’s for critical position holders and successors enabling them to realize their career aspirations in line with TDF plans.
Performance Management To have a standardized process throughout CCI with the same system process steps, same evaluation form for everyone irrespective from the title/level/country. A new stage for Performance Management Cycle (Mid-Year Review) is introduced to the system for all countries.

One single evaluation form is used for all employees in all levels and title.

2018 Execution is finalized in December,2018.
  • To manage the process more integrated with other HR systems including Learning and Development, Compensation and Benefits, etc.
  • To start the pilot studies for transforming our performance management system into a more innovative, up to date process.

At CCI we define “talent” as high performing, committed to CCI values, willingness to undertake a variety of functional roles and/or responsibilities in different countries, having good command of English and tech-savvy. Accordingly our talent pool consists of three components identified as “Core Talent”, “Extending Talent”, and “Future Leader”.

In 2018, we continued to conduct and review our Talent Development Forum (TDF) to identify our talent pools, create bench strength and fill positions with the right people accordingly. Talent Readiness Index (TRI), which was introduced in 2017, is a customized index to show the usage of internal talent pool ratio, and to trace and track the overall succession readiness (indexing bench strength) across CCI. In 2018, we changed the calculation methodology of TRI in order to have a more realistic picture of the succession pipeline. This year, we counted 1 successor in 1 pipeline only; rather than counting him/her in multiple pipelines; which yielded a TRI of 32% at for critical positions and for all successors across CCI, the index was 46% for the critical positions. For next year; we target 45% and 60% respectively.

In 2018, we encouraged all our critical position holders and successors to create their Individual Development Plans (IDP) through our E-Talent Management Platform, within our ‘Talent Management Process’ . Another e-talent source in CCI is the Talent Profile, where our employees create their own personal career pages including their educational background, CCI and external work experiences, critical assignments/projects, language skills, key achievements, career aspirations and mobility preferences.

Talent Acquisition

To upgrade our standardized talent acquisition process, we launched workshops across CCI. During these workshops, global trends were reviewed. The key focus was to leverage technology in all processes and automating end to end talent acquisition process across CCI.

In addition, various social media channels were used more effectively to extend our reach to young external talents.

Campus recruitment and holding career fairs at key universities continued in 2018 as well.

Action @ field

In 2018, we organized the third Action @ Field project for university students in Turkey. With this project, we established a candidate pool of new college graduates and further strengthened our employer brand. The project participants, consisting of senior students, went through a special selection process, followed by a 3-day company orientation program. They were then asked to develop team projects and present them to our Senior Management competing for awards. At end of the project, 4 participants joined the CCI family as trainees, 2 as Sales Representatives, 1 as Assistant Product Manager and 1 as E-Commerce Specialist.