Learning and Leadership Development

Our goal is to build critical capabilities and strengthen leadership skills to enable business continuity and future growth. We carry out our learning and development activities under the main headings of Commercial Development, Leadership Development and Functional Development.

We believe that the biggest responsibility for identifying future leaders and determining areas for improvement lies with the managers, who supervise the employees. Once consensus is reached among all the managers, final-stage results are calibrated in a process that involves the participation of the CEO. The CCI talent pool is then determined along with country- and function-based backup plans

Our Performance in 2018

Goals and Commitments

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Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Leadership Development To implement leadership development programs for ExCom, general manager, country leadership teams and extended leadership teams. Accelerate was successfully rolled out and all ExCom and GM members in two cohorts went through it. Six months post the program, accelerate homecoming was also organized during which all participants shared how beneficial and impactful the program was for their personal leadership growth. Achieved
  • Launch Accelerate 2.0 for all country LT team and ELT for Group, Kazakhstan, Pakistan & Turkey
To design programs for GM pipeline and future leader development. Covered in Accelerate
To design CCI coaching program. Program designed Achieved
  • Implement CCI Coaching Program
To design leadership development program for mid-level manager and create CCI internal trainers pool. Covered in Accelerate Achieved

In 2018 we launched “Accelerate – the leadership program for the executives”, CCI’s own, in-house signature leadership development program. The program was launched for all ExCom and GMs.

“Accelerate 2.0 – the leadership program for the next level” is scheduled for implementation in 2019 for leadership teams in all CCI countries and extended leadership teams of Group office, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Turkey.

Another outcome from Accelerate is “Building Coaching Culture at CCI”. CCI Coaching Framework was established with ExCom and GM’s input, external trends and benchmarks. This program is also scheduled for launch in 2019.

CCI leadership levels were re-branded as IMPACT in 2018. Workshops were conducted in all CCI countries to define IMPACT behavior indicators. These indicators will be used in all HR processes starting with theselection to assessment and performance.

With this vision, 2019 outlook suggests the continuation of U30 Strategy Camp, launch of Accelerate 2.0 for country LTs, Women in Leadership program for women successors and future leaders, lay foundations to build a coaching culture across CCI that enables organizational and leadership capability building.

Employee Engagement

We are advancing decisively towards our goal of making CCI “A Great Place To Work”. Since people are one of the key pillars of our vision, employee engagement is a fundamental focus area to effectively manage our human capital and create value.

Therefore, we conduct focus groups and biennial employee loyalty surveys in order to solicit employees’ ideas about and suggestions for their CCI experience.

Through these surveys we are able to determine our weaknesses and opportunities for improvement and to take measures as needed to support our company’s sustainable development.

Goals and Commitments

*** You can check the table by scrolling to the right

Priority Areas 2018 Goals Performance in 2018 Status 2019 Goals
Employee Engagement To execute the Pakistan Dipstick Survey. Pakistan Dipstick Survey was executed with an engagement level of 83%. 2019 CCI Employee Engagement Survey is being planned.
  • To execute 2019 CCI Employee Engagement Survey within all CCI countries.
- - -
  • To acquire and pilot a pulse check survey tool for the immediate needs in addition to the engagement surveys done in 2 years time.

Through our “Leadership in Field” program, we support open and transparent communication that is crucial for employee loyalty by creating opportunities for our employees to observe and ask questions to CCI leaders.

The “Value Play Shop” program, introduced for Pakistan team in 2017, focused on our company culture and values. As of the end of 2018, 2,528 of our employees in Pakistan completed this program. CCI Iraq was the 2nd country to follow by October 2018. The interactions among employees increased the level of motivation, and the aim is to keep the involvement of employees alive.

With the actions taken during this period, we’re planning to launch 2019 Engagement Survey.