CCI’s strong corporate governance structure plays a vital role in achieving our strategic goals. CCI conducts all its operations within the framework of established regulations in operating countries and the Corporate Governance Principles as outlined by Turkey’s Capital Markets Board. To transparently inform stakeholders, we publish the annual Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report that includes information on Corporate Governance Principles.

Corporate governance is managed and represented by the Board of Directors, under which Audit, Corporate Governance and Risk Detection Committees operate. Until the establishment of the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee, the Corporate Governance Committee exercises the functions of these committees.

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Sustainability Organization

The CCI Board of Directors is actively engaged with the Company’s sustainability strategy and its commitment to integrate sustainability into the business strategy. The CCI Board of Directors’ Corporate Governance Committee has the ultimate responsibility in determining and implementing the sustainability strategy. This responsibility is undertaken by the CCI Executive Committee, which is steered by the CEO, as wells as the Sustainable Operations Steering Committee (SOSC). The CCI Executive Committee is comprised of representative from senior management, and the SOSC is composed of CCI’s Finance, Corporate Affairs, Legal, Human Resources and Supply Chain Directors. Since 2015, CCI Corporate Affairs Director has also been serving as the Deputy Chairman of UNGC Turkey Network

Overall Governance Model for Sustainability

The Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for the disclosure, reporting and communication of sustainability targets and performance results. Needless to mention; our employees are the key for the integration of sustainability strategy into our overall business processes.