Through the aforementioned materiality analysis for 2018, we determined the material sustainability topics of 2018 which are focal issues as they have relatively higher impact on the value generation during the course of our operations.

Six major areas that are material for our stakeholders in line with our vision and strategy are: Consumer Well-Being, Customer Value, Human Rights, Human Capital, Community Development and Environmental Footprint.

For Consumer Well-Being ; offering a wide beverage portfolio to our consumers at high product quality and safety standards has crucial importance in our business model. For Customer Value ; we are determined to go for higher customer satisfaction with our customer-centric approach. We strive for Operational Excellence across our geographies with our innovation culture, and put best effort to spread this along our supply chain. On the other hand; following a Superior Execution approach, we focus on ensuring the best customer experience by contributing to the sustainable development of our distributors and by interacting actively with our customers.

We are committed to creating value and positive impact for our People in our operating geographies. To create a great place to work, we pioneer in Human Rights policies and practices. Furthermore, invest in the development of our Human Capital , hence we bring about a positive change and share with people. By prioritizing Health & Safety , we aim to foster a safe, and equal opportunity workplace, where all our employees feel appreciated and involved regardless of their gender, nationality, age, language and religion. These Diversity & Inclusion policies not only boost the synergy within CCI, but also enlighten the society for positive transformational change. To spread about these policies throughout the value chain; Human Rights Policy and Supplier Guiding Principles are our main tools. The source of the power that creates and delivers sustainable value is our employees, and their skill sets and expertise. Therefore, we manage this precious Human Capital through Employee Engagement and Talent Development programs.

We proudly serve a great Community consisting of a population of more than 400 million people across 10 countries and we are pledged to be a good corporate citizen. While growing our business, we also work to ensure that we create value for each and every member of these communities. Our community investment focuses on three areas, which are youth, women empowerment and water.

On the other hand; minimizing our Environmental Footprint by using fewer natural resources, operating efficiently and generating less waste are our priorities. This is essential not only for a sustainable business, but also for the sustainable welfare of the communities that we operate in. Consequently, we intensively focus on ‘water and energy management’, ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainable packaging’ practices.

The following section of this report focuses on our actions, performance,goals and commitments for the 2018 material topics.