Operating Context and Implications for Value

Sustainable Packaging

Across CCI geography, there is an increasing awareness with regards to packaging, hence related regulations. Coupled with consumers’ awareness on packaging waste pollution and our own aspiration to reduce our environmental impact, we strive to increase our recycling rates and transition to a circular economy as a priority focus area.

Economic and Political Environment

CCI’s geography is affected by political instabilities and macroeconomic challenges, as well as security issues. Economic growth in the Middle East markets have slowed down due to recent political instabilities and security concerns, which created a challenging operating environment causing increased price sensitivity amongst consumers. Major currency devaluations in Pakistan since 2018 puts a lot of pressure on private consumption. In Turkey, political fluctuations and Turkish Lira’s continuing devaluation against the dollar caused macroeconomic instability. Meanwhile, in Central Asia we were pleased to witness a rather favorable economic environment in 2018, where many governments went on implementing development strategies to increase global connectivity, diversify their economies and improve citizen welfare.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is continuously gaining speed and is significant to survive in today’s commercial environment. As part of our digital strategy, we focus on running our business more efficiently and we constantly seek new ways to strengthen and expand our business by developing new operating models, products and services by utilizing digital technologies. We reorganized our digital technology department in 2018 to develop CCI’s capacity.

Value Chain

(1) Includes all CCI Countries (10 countries)
(2) Lost Time Incident per 1,000,000 hours of working
(3) Includes CCI Countries in the reporting scope unless otherwise is stated (6 countries)
(4) Average number of employees calculated

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