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Our Sustainability Approach

Stakeholder Engagement

Building an effective and strong stakeholder dialogue is at the foundation of keeping our business sustainable and engaging them into our sustainability strategy.


Since 2013, we have been prioritizing our stakeholders and the means of communication through a comprehensive stakeholder mapping study pursuant to AccountAbility’s AA1000 SES Standard and the EFQM Business Excellence Model.


We engage with each stakeholder group on a regular basis not only to share our sustainability efforts but also to evaluate both our material issues and to consolidate their opinions and feedbacks. The various means of communication with different stakeholder groups and how we respond to their questions and concerns are provided on the following table.

Engagement with Stakeholders


Dialog Platform

Frequency of Engagement

Key Topics


Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey, Workplace, CokePort, Digital Info Boards, Townhall Meetings, press reports, CCIdea Platform and Innovation Day, CCI training programs, leadership development trainings, sales incentive programs, Reputation Surveys, volunteer programs.


Business results, environmental performance, community projects, awards and recognitions, compensation and benefits topics.


Business performance, commercial plans, satisfaction scores.


Distributor meetings, Process improvement studies, regular visits, training programs, plant visits, distributor satisfaction questionnaire, Distributor portal, CCI Call Center


General Assemblies, website, Public Disclosure Platform (PDP)


Financial and operational performance and reporting.


Business performance, commercial plans, products, marketing plans.


Trainings, support programs, regular visits, plant visits, Coca-Cola Customer Road Show, Customer Satisfaction Survey, CCI Call Center, Focus group studies, business planning meetings


Training programs, improvement audits, plant visits, supplier days, supplier performance scores, supplier surveys, cooperation portal, industrial development and pilot activities.


Quality of materials and services, future plans, strategic initiatives, business performance, sustainability, workplace rights, innovation in cooling equipment.


CCI’s financial, operational and sustainability performance; future investment plans.

Every year

Annual report, investor conferences, analyst meetings, investor presentations, Sustainability Report, website, social media accounts, webcast, Investor Relations department, e-mail distributions, special case announcements, Public Disclosure Platform, direct feedback forms through CCI’s corporate website, CDP Climate Change Report, CDP Water Report, Sustainability Index Assessment.

Public Institutions and Organizations

Reputation Surveys, Conferences, Industry Meetings


CCI’s operational, environmental, quality and community-related performance; compliance with regulations.


CCI’s operational, environmental, quality and community-related performance; transparency and reporting.


Project partnerships, corporate and individual employee memberships, participation in conferences and presentations, Reputation Surveys, Stakeholder Day


Union representation, collective labor agreements, representative meetings, plant visits


Human and workplace rights.


Products, marketing and promotion campaigns, product ingredients, sustainability performance, community development projects.


Periodical information, regular updated statements, support programs, regular visits, website, plant visits, Reputation Surveys


Coca-Cola Call Center, Coca-Cola Open to Curiosity Platform, Coca-Cola Social Interaction Center, website, informative publications, plant visits, product labels


Product quality, consumer satisfaction, low-and no-calorie product alternatives, nutritional labeling, product ingredients.

Sector Groups

Industry-wide issues, regulations, legal compliance, speaking engagements at conferences, benchmark visits to plants.


Corporate memberships, joint projects, participation in meetings and conferences.


Coca-Cola Open to Curiosity Platform, Donations, website, plant visits, support programs, voluntary practices, Coca-Cola Call Center, information through mass communication, product labels, advertisement and marketing activities, environmental training sessions, social engagement projects, field studies, meetings, survey and eliciting opinions, Reputation Surveys, Annual report, Sustainability Report


Product quality, product ingredients, marketing and promotion campaigns, sports tournaments.


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