Stakeholder Day Series

CCI and TCCC envisioned the Stakeholder Day series as a local engagement platform to further improve relations with key local stakeholders, and to raise awareness for economic and social influence, sustainability efforts, and manufacturing capabilities in CCI’s operating regions. Stakeholder Day series started in 2017, when CCI and TCCC representatives had the opportunity to come together with the local stakeholders and share information on the operations in the region, CSR efforts and the sustainability vision.

Two Stakeholder Days were organized in 2018, in Elazığ and Çorlu. Four Stakeholder Days are planned for 2019.

TCCC Reputation Research

Within TCCS, we value feedback and opinions; we plan and implement our actions with the insight we gain from our internal and external stakeholders, including our consumers. For this purpose; we conduct periodic corporate reputation research with our stakeholders.

In 2018, via a third party institution, we conducted monthly reputation research, in compliance with EFQM and AA1000 standards, on a sample to represent Turkish urban population. The research aimed at tracking consumers’ perceptions and attitude towards Coca-Cola Turkey on issues such as transparency, accountability, financial durability, corporate social responsibility, product and service quality, working conditions, campaigns / commercials, communication, innovation, environmental issues and company performance.

Strategic Partnerships
CCI is a member of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) and CCI Corporate Affairs Director is a Board Member of UNGC Turkey. In line with our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, CCI is an active participant of the Climate Change and Women Empowerment workgroups.
ÇEVKO (Green Dot)
CCI is a founding member of ÇEVKO and CCI Corporate Affairs Manager is a Board Member. By means of our strategic cooperation with ÇEVKO, we achieve a steadily increasing rate of post-consumer packaging waste collection as well as raising consumer awareness on recycling.
Habitat Association
Per CCI sustainability strategy, women empowerment is a priority focus. To this end, Coca-Cola Turkey cooperated with Habitat Association for “My Sister” Project. The project aims to empower women, by equipping them with the necessary information and knowledge to take active role in the regional economic development, to improve their economic and social position and participate in economy. More information
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
As a responsible corporate citizen, Coca-Cola Turkey invests in community projects to tackle waste pollution and recycling. This year, in cooperation with UNDP, a Recycling Program in the Mediterranean District of Turkey kickstarted with the goal of enhancing the waste management capacity for recycling.
International Labor Organization (ILO)
The project on Technical Assistance for Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life, run by the ILO Office in Turkey, prioritizes increasing the capacity of social partners, relevant public institutions and awareness-raising on social dialogue at all levels through a holistic approach. CCI contributed to the project along with other FMCG companies.