Sustainability Highlights (cont’d.)

Community Development

Volunteer Activities

  • 16 volunteer activities have been realized in 23 different cities under the program targeting disadvantaged women, children and families, people with disabilities, refugee children and the elderly, with the participation of 838 CCI volunteers in Turkey and Pakistan.

Women Reached

  • My Sister Project is a part of the 5By20 initiative launched by The Coca-Cola Company with the goal to economically empower 5 million women entrepreneurs around the world by 2020 . As of end of 2018 , the project has reached over 10,000 women , including refugees and women from a variety of backgrounds, including housewives, engineers, entrepreneurs and university students in Turkey.

Teachers Trained

  • The 3.2.1 Move! Program supported 152 Physical Education teachers from 131 public schools and engaged more than 150,000 young people in sports and group activities in 15 cities of Turkey.

Women Trained

  • Within the scope of the Successful Woman Successful Future, 312 women are trained to participate in Azerbaijan’s tourism industry.

Environmental Footprint

Natural Resources

Million USD Saved

  • We successfully implemented 152 new projects to improve efficient use of the natural resources. Our efforts  resulted in an approximate annual saving of USD 3.88 million with 152 projects.

Energy & GHG Emissions

Million Trees

  • We achieved 212,411 tons of CO2 emissions reductions in Turkey across our value chain as a result of our logistics improvements, cooler emission reductions, smarter use of technology, returnable glass bottles practices and pallet re-use practices.
  • We saved avoided 115,355 tons of CO2 emissions through our returnable glass bottle practices in Turkey, which is equal to the amount of CO2 that 9.6 million trees annually extract from the atmosphere..
  • With our Energy Management Device (EMD) equipped Cold Drink Equipments, we saved approximately 511.5 million kWh electricity in 6 countries of operation. We achieved 86,550 tons of CO2 emissions reduction which is equal to the amount of CO2 that 7.2 million trees annually extract from the atmosphere.


11 Million L of Water Replenished

  • We saved 434,527 m3 of water in the six countries of operation.
  • Through our water replenishment programs, we replenished 11,032 million liters of water in the six countries of operation.
  • The water replenishment rate for Turkey reached 159% , approximately equivalent to 4,885 million liters of water.

Sustainable Packaging

Tons of Resin Saved

  • We saved a total of We saved 1,111 tons of resin in six countries of operation with our sustainable packaging program.
  • We saved 24% of our total resin consists of PlantBottle , our renewable plastic substitute that is 30% plant-based.
  • The total waste recycling throughout all our plants was 98.70% in Turkey, 90.90% in Jordan, 88.03% in Kazakhstan, 93.38% in Azerbaijan, 95.48% in Pakistan and 98.58% in Kyrgyzstan.
  • We reached a 56% post-consumer recycling rate for plastics, glass, metal and aluminum-packaging waste in Turkey.