Encouraging and supporting employee volunteerism is one of the building blocks of CCI’s organizational culture.

Since 2010, CCI has organized the Community Champions award program annually to acknowledge and reward employees who voluntarily initiate or participate in social projects. In 2013, to encourage employee volunteering, CCI launched the CCI Volunteers initiative and established employee volunteering clubs throughout its operations. These clubs helped employees organize and jointly engage in social projects. Every year, CCI employees actively coordinate and participate in volunteer activities that serve their communities, which range from environmental cleanups and planting trees to visiting orphans or children at hospitals, distributing food to needy families and renovating school facilities, to name but a few.

In 2017, CCI took a very important step and launched the CCI Volunteering Program to systematically encourage and support volunteering activities for all its employees. Launched first in Turkey, the program will be gradually expanded to other CCI countries. As part of the program, CCI collaborates with NGOs as well as the Ministry of Education, universities and local governments.

CCI employees can apply to join the Volunteering Program through the company’s intranet platform, indicating their preferred fields of activity.

2018 Volunteerism by numbers in CCI Turkey Operations

Since 2017 in CCI Turkey,

  • over 235,000 beneficiaries attended to 24 activities organized in different cities of Turkey.
  • 1,700 volunteers participated to the programs and over 5,100 hours were spent in volunteering activities.

In 2018, CCI Volunteering Program expanded to Pakistan with 4 projects in 13 different cities. 138 volunteers and 203 beneficiaries participated in the program in the first year in Pakistan.

2018 Volunteerism by numbers in CCI Pakistan

Thousands of trees are planted in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan

With in the community development programs conducted by CCI, more than 53,500 trees were planted in Baku until the end of 2018. In 2018, it was planned to plant 4,000 trees, but the target is almost doubled and more than 7,500 saplings are planted.

Over the last two years, CCI Kyrgyzstan facilitated to the plantation of more than two hundred trees. During the project, about a hundred CCI employees and their children took part in tree planting activities in April. The Central Asia Corporate Social Responsibility Committee cited CCI for its proactive efforts on behalf of “greening” the urban landscape and creating environmental value.

The Anadolu Foundation

In 1979, the founders of the Anadolu Group established the Anadolu Foundation with the aim of creating longlasting solutions for social needs. The foundation’s mission is to make a difference by improving people’s quality of life through supporting development in education, health and social issues.

Through the Foundation’s Young Social Entrepreneurs project, which received funding from the Istanbul Development Agency’s Financial Support for Children and Youth program, young entrepreneurs have the possibility to improve their capacities and develop joint projects with universities, local governments and NGOs. The My Dear Teacher project, conducted by the Foundation on a national scale, offers opportunities for youth and teachers to develop sustainable solutions for their communities.

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