Youth Empowerment

Almost 60% of the population where CCI operates is below 29 years of age. Investing in our geographical regions’ young and growing population is critical to the sustainable development of our communities. We reached almost 350,000 young people with our projects in 2018.

3.2.1. Move!

Coca-Cola İçecek’s award-winning legacy program 3.2.1 Move! has revived enthusiasm for the development of thousands of young people since its inception in 2013 in Turkey.

3.2.1 Move! Initially set out to transform public schools into habitats that effectively foster students’ physical and personal development through local projects developed and executed by Physical Education (PE) teachers. Until 2018, the project supported 152 PE teachers from 131 public schools in 15 provinces in Turkey, especially by establishing and renovating sports facilities and providing sports equipment for students. The projects reached more than 125,000 young people through sports and group activities.

Within the new framework of the 3.2.1 – Move! Project; youngsters receive substantial help in implementing socially meaningful projects through entrepreneurial activities. With this project; youth initiatives, specifically focusing to solve specific social and environmental problems, receive mentorship and financial support.

The program expanded to Kazakhstan and Iraq, in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

3.2.1. Move! in Kazakhstan

In 2018, 142 applications were received from all over Kazakhstan and the best 10 applications were selected for finalists’ training on business planning, online sales, marketing and PR strategies, financial literacy and presentation skills. Top 2 projects were granted.

Coca-Cola Football Tournaments

With its strategic partners in each hosting country for the project; Coca-Cola reached hundreds of thousands of students from various schools in the context of a football tournament. Until now, the project was conducted in cooperation with Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq Football Federations, Ministries of Youth and Support. Ministry of Education in each of these countries is a strategic partner of the project.

"Coca-Cola Bylgary Dop" in Kazakhstan
"Coca-Cola Bylgary Dop" is the most mass and popular youth football tournament in Kazakhstan. The project has been carried out since 2006 and students between the ages of 14 and 15 took part in the tournament. 160,000 children from 6,100 schools from across the country participated in the tournament in 2018.

Coca-Cola Azerbaijan Grassroots Football Tournament
Jointly organized by Coca-Cola, the Football Federation of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan; 180,000 children from 1,700 schools from all over the country participated in the tournament in 2018.

Copa Coca-Cola Football Tournament (Iraq)
The 5th season of Copa Coca-Cola grassroots football tournament took place in Iraq. The tournament brought together more than 300 schools from seven provinces and more than 2,400 students.

The Olympic Moves Program

The Program was launched in December 2015 in Azerbaijan with the collaboration of Coca-Cola, the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sport, comissioned to increase sports participation among youth and foster healthier, happier and more active communities. Until now, 100,000 youngsters participated in the program in 4 cities and in 4 branches of sports:athletics, biking, swimming and basketball. Within the scope of the project, we are planning to reach out to additional 75,000 youngsters in 2019.

Schools Renovation Project - Iraq

CCI Iraq collaborated with the Ministry of Education to renovate and upgrade the conditions of schools (W.C., water problems, gardens, classrooms and school chairs). So far 5 schools in Hilla with more than 5,000 students were renovated. Renovations in 6 more schools in Karbala and Baghdad are planned for 2019.

Recycling to the Future

To reward young people concerned about the environment and to support them to find solutions for global problems; we implemented the “CCI Youth Fund: Recycling to the Future Project” at Isparta Süleyman Demirel University.

We interviewed 51 project teams (150 students) focusing on “Waste Reduction”, “Recycling” and “Reuse of Waste”. We received 33 applications, of which 31 projects qualified for Jury Review and 7 projects qualified for mentorship support. In November, the winning project teams were invited to CCI Headquarters office and received two days of mentorship from CCI managers on how to implement their projects.